Grasping Climate

Grasping Climate from Teknikens HusAbout the travelling exhibition
The average temperature on Earth is rising – what is going on with the climate? How does this affect me? These questions were the starting point when Teknikens Hus created the exhibition Grasping Climate.

In 100 years time the average temperature on the Earth might rise as much as 6 degrees C. The result can be both drought and floods and extreme heat and cold. But there is hope!

The exhibition shows actions we all can take in our everyday lives to reduce the climate change. The visitors can also explore renewable energy sources.

Exhibition content
Grasping Climate contains interactive exhibits, images, a slide show, film and text. The starting point of Grasping Climate is the energy principle – we can neither create nor destroy energy. All energy on Earth origins from the Sun. Visitors learn about the increased green house effect and that our climate is getting hotter.

Visitors can save the Earth by taking it safely through the energy maze. They can create renewable energy like wind power, hydro power, wave and solar energy.

In the humoristic and thought evoking exhibition film A Climate Change Show a couple of sheep teach visitors about the climate changes and what humans can do about it. The film is in English but can come with subtitling and dubbing into other languages.

Finally, visitors can make a climate promise.

Included in the hire cost for Grasping Climate is 30 copies of the inspirational material Guidebook for teachers. In the book, there are facts and climate related experiments as well as the manuscript for the interactive exhibition drama.

Production and design
Grasping Climate is a travelling exhibition designed and produced by Teknikens Hus in cooperation with Norrbottens energikontor, The National Energy Foundation, England and Rhonealpenergie Environnement, Frankrike.

Download a folder describing all exhibits.
Grasping Climate (pdf in English) >>

Guidebook for teachers
Download the inspirational material for teachers (pdf, in English) >>

A walk through the exhibition.
Grasping Climate (film) >>

Tour plan
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Technical requirements
Electricity 240 V.
Ceiling height minimum 3,5 meters.
General exhibition lighting is not included.
Some exhibits contain water.

Floor space
200-300 m2.

Information and reservations
Contact Anna Almqvist Teknikens Hus
Phone + 46 920 49 22 86