Mirrors from Teknikens HusAbout the travelling exhibition
Mirrors is a fun and playful exhibition where visitors will experience optical illusions, how the brain can be tricked by mirror reflections, have fun playing and experimenting with mirrors.

Exhibition content
In Mirrors exhibition, visitors can crawl into the small caleidoscope or see his or her image multiply in the big kaleidoscope. They can share faces with a friend in the split mirror, see baby brother´s head on a plate, play with the mirror that makes you fly and imitate reflections of patterns. Visitors get a good laugh at the distorted image of themselves in the three curved mirrors. Caleidoscope and periscope workshops work well in connection with Mirrors (not included).

Production and design
Mirrors is a travelling exhibition designed and produced by Teknikens Hus.

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Tour plan
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Technical requirements
General exhibition lighting is not included.

Floor space
100-150 m2.

Information and reservations
Contact Anna Almqvist Teknikens Hus.
Phone + 46 920 550 886.