Building bridges

Building Bridges from Teknikens HusAbout the travelling exhibition
What if there were no bridges…
Building bridges is a playful exhibition with bridge types, experiments with bridges, construction and bridge facts.

Exhibition content
Building bridges contains interactive exhibits, facts and images. A river is running through the exhibit, in the shape of a blue carpet. Visitors in Building bridges can do bridge solidity experiments, feel the hanging bridge under their feet, build tunnels in soft sand, put the arch bridge together and cross it, solve the farmer´s problem and learn about bridge history from jungle lianas to the air bridge we create when travelling out into space.

Production and design
Building bridges is a travelling exhibition designed and produced by Teknikens Hus in cooperation with Swedish Transport Administration  Region North.

Download a folder describing all exhibits.
Building bridges (pdf in Swedish) >>

Tour plan
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Technical requirements
Electricity 240 V.
General exhibition lighting is not included.

Floor space
100-150 m2.

Information and reservations
Contact Anna Almqvist Teknikens Hus.
Phone + 46 920 550 886.